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Chalet Zain

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Terms & Conditions

Respect of Property

Guests are expected to treat the chalet with care and respect, as it is a private property. This means avoiding any activities that could damage the property or its furnishings.

Checking In and Out

  • Check-in: Available from 4:00 p.m. onwards. This allows adequate time for the chalet to be cleaned and prepared for your arrival.
  • Check-out: Must be completed by 11:00 a.m. to allow time for cleaning and preparing for the next guests.
  • Self check-in: Instructions for accessing the chalet via a lockbox will be provided, allowing flexibility in arrival time.

During Your Stay

  • Maximum Guests: Limited to 10 to ensure the comfort and safety of all guests.
  • Pets: Allowed, but guests must inform us about their pets in advance, and additional cleaning fees may apply.
  • Parties/Events: Prohibited to maintain the peaceful ambiance of the chalet and its surroundings.
  • Commercial Photography: Permitted, but should be informed in advance.
  • Smoking: Not allowed inside to ensure a healthy and pleasant environment for all guests.

Safety & Security

  • Climbing or Play Structure: Please be aware that there is a structure on the property which is not suitable for climbing or play, to avoid accidents.
  • Safety Devices:
    • Security Camera/Recording Device: A camera is installed to cover the parking area only, ensuring the safety of your vehicles. It does not intrude on the chalet’s private spaces and records only during your stay.
    • Carbon Monoxide Alarm: Installed for your safety to detect any harmful carbon monoxide levels.
    • Smoke Alarm: Installed to alert in case of fire, ensuring your safety.
  • Property Info:
    • Stairs: Guests must be aware that they will need to climb stairs to access certain parts of the chalet.

Additional Rules

  • Guest Declaration: Guests are responsible for declaring the correct number of guests and any pets. This is crucial for safety and accommodation arrangements.
  • Pet Fees: Additional charges for pets may be applied to cover extra cleaning costs.

By adhering to these detailed terms and conditions, guests can ensure a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable stay at Chalet Zain

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